Hi, this is Steve Smart, Owner and Lead Designer at Billet Badges Inc.

Billet Badges Inc. got started in 2003 after I purchased my new Ford Super Duty.  I wasn't a fan of the OEM plastic badges and being a designer, I decided to model up some custom ones for my new truck. I had my machinist friend cut them out of billet aluminum on his CNC mill and after polishing and painting them, the first set of Billet Badges was born. It wasn’t long before I had people stopping me on the street and at intersections asking if my truck was a new “custom model” and where I got the badges from. That's how it all got started.

Now I'm making custom badges and emblems for all kinds of vehicles.  I've become known for creating one-off versions of factory badges and specialize in reproducing vintage emblems that are no longer available.

You may have seen my badges at a local car show, SEMA, flipping through a car or truck magazine or even on TV. I started Billet Badges to make it affordable for a backyard customizer to add that final touch to their ride. Let me know what I can do for you.

Steve Smart

Owner, Billet Badges