Base Metal Finishes

All of our badges are cnc-machined out of solid T-6061 billet aluminum. The metal surface can be processed using a variety of methods to create very different looks, depending on what your taste is.. You can see a few of our standard metal finishes below.

Paint Colors

We use 2-stage automotive paint inside our badges recessed cavities, this includes a base color and protective clear top-coat. We offer the standard colors depicted below and can have custom or OEM colors mixed for an additional fee.

Standard Paint Colors

Standard Paint Colors


Custom Design Process

Our custom ordered badges typically go through a design process that ensures your badges turn out exactly the way you want. Below are the basic steps.


Concept Design

Our designers use your ideas, drawings and images to create your design concept


3-D Modeling

Your concept illustration is used as the basis for a 3-D computer model, necessary for the production of a Billet Badge. Once created, an isometric rendering of the model is sent for your review and final approval before physical production begins.



Your 3-D model is programmed into an automated CNC machine. The machine robotically mills away all of the excess material from a solid piece of high grade billet aluminum until your badge is all that remains. The part is then ready for finishing.


Metal Finishing

After milling, your badge is hand finished to give it just the look you’re after. This includes scuffing, bead-blasting, polishing, painting and more. It is then given a layer of 3M-VHB (Very High Bond) adhesive backing so it can be installed easily and effectivley.



We offer an variety of OEM and universal sized blank badges that can be customized with your text, logo or graphic and finishes.

Ford-sized billet badges

Oval-Shaped Billet Badges

Oval-Shaped Billet Badges

Rectangular BILLET BADGEs

Dome-Face Rectangle Billet Badges

Dome-Face Rectangle Billet Badges

1999-2010 Super-Duty fender Sets


Dodge-sized billet badges

Shield-shaped Billet Badges

Shield-shaped Billet Badges


Billet Medaliion

Billet Medaliion

2011-2016 Super-Duty Fender Sets